One Fabulous Success Story

weight loss success storythe #1 TOXIC food in your diet….

Here’s an email I received from Vic; I’m sharing with you

Hey Deborah, last month I brought on two new clients who are 52 & 53 years old…

They wanted help losing fat around their stomach, and most of all, they just wanted to look & feel younger.

I told ‘em “no problem”

The first thing I did was take a look at what they were currently eating.  Here’s what Rich, a 53 year old factory worker was eating on most days…



Cereal w/ milk

Orange Juice


Leftover pasta from the night before

1 can of coke


Bag of Chips


Cheeseburger, baked potato, pre-packaged broccoli & cheese

1 can of Coke or a Beer


Now, after looking at Rich’s diet, I knew he was gonna see HUGE results if he just followed my plan…

First thing I did was explain to him that his diet SUCKED.

It was flat out terrible.

The best thing he was eating all day was a baked potato, and I wasn’t even a fan of that!

So I told Rich, I was gonna put him on my plan that still allowed him to “eat like a man”.

This was pretty much the exact same thing as Vic’s 31 Day Fat Loss

He was happy to hear that he didn’t have to eat diet food or count a bunch of points.

I told him all about the TOXIC foods in his diet – and explained to him that all of the

wheat products that he was eating were absolutely killing him.

Wheat products are the #1 culprit of a fat & bloated belly.

Remember that.

It’s the first thing I always get clients to stop eating – and they always see a HUGE difference right away when it comes to fat loss.

Not to mention they always see big side benefits as well – better bowel movements, younger looking skin, more energy, better focus etc…

Once Rich eliminated the wheat from his diet – he couldn’t believe the results.  I even got a text message from him after 5 days on the plan, and he said he had “never felt better”

Overall, in his first month – Rich lost 19 lbs of fat and this was while working 45+ hours each and every week.

I wanna say a quick, “Congrats” to Rich for his 19 lb fat loss.  That’s a great first month.  Keep it up!

If you’re interested in losing as much weight as Rich or me – or possibly even MORE, then check out the plan that will give you incredible results…

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talk soon,