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PGX Reviews

Our PGX Reviews
Our PGX Review comes as a result of watching the Dr. Oz. T.V. show.  And from looking for solutions to combat health conditions such as NAFLD, Nonalcoholic
Fatty liver diease
, fatty inflammation,heart conditions, liver injury and healthy weight loss products, (we’re discuss more on ATP and the association with NAFLD, in another article).

As I watched, I was excited as I heard all of the positive PGX reviews and  accolades about their new fiber supplement.

Now if you’re like me and millions of others that concur with “Dr. Oz.’s” recommendations, this may be a keeper.  And couple that with the fact that PGX Fiber made his Top 3 supplements. (you’ve got to have list) Now that really speaks volumes for PGX Fiber doesn’t it?

However, with all that being said…  I still wanted to do a little fishing around, mainly because I hadn’t heard about PGX before then. So I scoured the net just to see, if there were any PGX Reviews, complaints, side effects or ingredient conflicts and to also get a clear understanding of exactly how it works.

How Does PGX Work

When first deciding to perform the search for other PGX reviews,  my first question was what does PGX stands for?  PGX is an abbreviation for (PolyGlycopleX). PolyGlycopeX is a powerful fiber that derives from a konjac root. The uniqueness of this root is in comparison to its weight to water ratio, it can absorb very high levels of water.

Additionally, because PGX comes in granules, it absorbs the water content of our meals much faster than normal.  This allows us to feel full faster. One of the most potent, powerful all natural fibers make up PGX supplements. The powerful ingredient helps to control our appetite, curb food cravings, and assist with stabilizing blood sugar.

PGX Fiber….Why It’s Important…

Fiber and why it’s important to our weight loss endeavors.

Since many of us have busy lifestyles. We don’t have time to prepare proper meals. So we end-up eating fatty foods and drinking high frutose beverage, ie. soft drinks. (this is what can cause NAFLD). As a result from poor meal selections, we’re lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, which is also contributing to our country’s obesity epidemic.

According to the great doctor I.e.  Dr. Oz, the average woman gets about 12 grams of fiber each day. However the average amount of fiber that’s needed to maintain optimum weight and a healthy lifestyle is between 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily.

It would take extra $4.33 each day in cost to fulfill the daily amount of fiber that’s needed for the average female, according to Dr. Oz.

With all of the benefits of PGX® as described, you probably think that there are side effects; as with most supplements this is true. The only complaint I’ve come across is from one person who stated that she couldn’t swallow the pill / soft gel.

PGX Fiber has been proven to be safe based on two published studies. I’ve also comes across quite a few people that spoke with excitement about the weight loss they experienced from taking PGX Fiber Supplements.

However, keep in mind that this is a supplement not a substitute. That being said, a well-balanced meal and moderate exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusively, for those that need a jump start or for those that are forced to eat on the go a lot, PGX will be a great help.