Welcome to The Get Skinny Community

To all our New/Old Fans, Visitors and Weight Watchers, we all thrilled that you like our page and would like to welcome the first timers and re-welcome all others…

“Welcome to the Get Skinny Quick Community”! Where we’re always on top of the Weight Loss Do’s and Don’ts, what works and what doesn’t.

We are one of the “premier” Online Weight Loss groups? What makes us premier? We are premier because we are in the trenches with you.

Isn’t it great to know that our information doesn’t come from someone that can’t identify with the pain, embarrassment and health challenges that are associated with weight gain? Our desire is to lead by example, motivate and stay ahead of the weight loss learning curve.

So getting to know me…

-I was 25 lbs. overweight for 15 years? But just couldn’t seem to get the weight off. My idea of weight loss wasn’t to eat bland, boring tasteless foods or to go on a diet…something I knew I wouldn’t stick too.

So I set out to find a way to lose weight, eat most of the foods that I love and not spend hours per day in a hot sweaty gym.

Well… the Good News is I did!!!!

So by being a part of our community you’ll get all our updates (and believe me I bare it all I’m always trying to see how far I can go. (how much junk I can eat without gaining weight and exercise shortcuts… :) .

I’ll be keeping you ahead of the game so you’ll know what works and what does not. No more wasting time, hoping, wishing and praying for magic pills, lotions or potions.

Also we would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your story with the community and tell us what you’d like to learn. We listen to everyone and trust me your question or issue or concern may help others. And if we don’t know the answer, with the World Wide Web at our disposal, we’ll find it!

It’s a pleasure to have you on our team.
Deborah Pretty

P.S –I have been listening to our community and everyone seem to LOVE our weight loss tips so we decided to compile the best into an eBook format.

I’ll be sharing with you our free Special Report of Super Easy Fat Burning tips that I stumbled across through my weight loss journey, so be on the look-out!! This report could easily sell for $27.00 but for now we are going to give it to our FACEBOOK fans for FREE.
So be sure to check our fan page in the next couple of days, because this giveaway won’t last long. TTYL


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